WiseBodies teaches sexuality education to kids, teens, and adults in a
radically new, breathtakingly fresh, age-appropriate, honest, and uplifting
way that supports the whole individual and the whole community.





WiseBodies recognizes the inherent goodness of human sexuality.  

WiseBodies is unique in teaching children, parents, teenagers, and adults the natural wonder of the human sexual body in relation to itself and its place within the natural world.

At WiseBodies we offer compassionate, heart-centered, thoughtful, age-appropriate learning.  We recognize this educational journey to be life-long.

WiseBodies understands that students and teachers benefit from learning in a fully diverse, respectful community, and that respectful diversity within community is the dearest and most exciting path to whole-hearted learning.

Unaffiliated with an organization or school, WiseBodies is unique in being able to teach from a foundation of open inquiry, intellectual freedom, and whole-hearted compassion.

WiseBodies is helping create a world in which all people are offered the right and the knowledge to gain full understanding, and full knowing, of the human sexual self - a world in which, together, we are able to use our voices, minds, bodies, and our built communities to advocate for sexual freedom, justice, and whole living for ourselves and for all.



Our Classes

We offer classes that engage the whole being, that encourage honest communication with self and others, that are based in wide-open, fearless learning.

This is radical for sexuality education.

For Parents

We at WiseBodies recognize it can be challenging to talk with our kids about sexuality.  Let us help!  Following are suggestions for how to sign your kids - and you - up for WiseBodies classes.

Discover, with us, how freeing it can be to open these doors.

Why WiseBodies?

WiseBodies offers student-led, family-oriented, whole-being sexuality classes.  Read what students, parents, and community leaders have to say about why they recommend WiseBodies!

We have tremendous community support.  Join us!