WiseBodies offers a unique approach to whole-being sexuality education. 

WiseBodies grew from the recognition that we all benefit from the opportunity to learn about human sexuality in an environment that is warm, intelligent, student-led, family-friendly, and safe.  An environment in which all questions are most welcome.

At WiseBodies, important learning takes place, community-building is supported, everyone enjoys the learning process, anxiety about sex-education is reduced, and students and teachers have the chance to relax into into learning about a subject so important to healthy, whole being.

September 2018 began our sixth year here at our WiseBodies home in Chatham, New York.  We've grown in the number of classes and workshops we offer.  We've also begun an apprenticeship program. The world needs brilliant sexuality educators; WiseBodies is pleased and proud to help train them.

WiseBodies has a strong and growing presence in Hudson, New York, where we host an on-going adult women's workshop, and where we partner with sister organizations, including Kite's Nest, Perfect Ten, and the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center.