Current Teachers


Isa Coffey, RN

Creator and Director of WiseBodies. Isa Coffey spent the last four decades doing these good things (some, but not all, at the same time): being an out lesbian; helping women have safe abortions; teaching teens, kids, and adults sexual health and wellbeing; founding and running a cervical cap fitting site; leading classes in sexuality in public and private schools; gaining her RN; being a labor and delivery nurse and a homebirth doula; growing medicinal plants and making plant medicine; birthing and raising two sons; caring for honeybees; surviving brain injury.

Eight years ago she dreamed into and birthed WiseBodies, a school in which all humans can come together in safety and joy to recognize that sexuality is a force for good, a way to connect fully within the natural world, and a magical pathway toward moving into wholeness.


Lia Friedman

Director of Youth Programming. Lia Friedman has taught with WiseBodies since the winter of 2016. She graduated Columbia University with a degree in Russian Literature and has put that to work with a career in experiential outdoor education and vegetable farming. One of her greatest joys is sharing the natural world’s many surprises and delights with young people. In her free time, you can find her walking through the woods with her dog Aoife, foraging for wild plants and mushrooms, playing her guitar, and cooking extravagant feasts with friends.


Lia Russell-Self

After graduating Bard College of Simon’s Rock with BA in Theatrical Studies and Creative Writing, Lia Russell-Self has been dedicated to creating a change in the arts and activism scene, one way or another. One can often find Lia in the theatres in the hills that join Massachusetts and New York, whether it be performing on stage or putting out fires backstage, or teaching young dreamers like themself to do the same. They are extremely happy to be working with WiseBodies, actively finding the integration of artistic creativity and whole sexual education. In their free time, Lia can be found dancing in their kitchen, making an overly complicated meal, and breathing life in.


Jordan Schmidt

Teaches Cycle Awareness. Alongside her work with WiseBodies, Jordan is a nutritional therapist, instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, and a movement teacher in the Hudson Valley. Her clinical practice, Remedy Method, focuses mostly on support for people with chronic and complex conditions. Jordan is always exploring how to understand the terrain of our bodies and how to recognize our bodies as incredible adaptive systems inseparable from our context, past and present. Learning and teaching at WiseBodies has been instrumental in increasing her own body awareness and in developing her work with students and clients.




Jan Burgevin

Co-taught Fertile Ground, 2017 - 2018, with Serena Caffrey. A school nurse, massage therapist, and pelvic bowl healer, I've been nourished by WiseBodies for many years, and loved co-leading WiseBodies' Fertile Ground course.


Serena Caffrey

Co-taught Fertile Ground, 2017-2018, with Jan Burgevin, RN. As a former educator at WiseBodies, a whole-body, whole-person, all-ages sexuality school, I see the pursuit of coming into one’s body in loving relationship to its landscape and others as being a vital one, one we can not afford to avoid.


Aidan Collins

In 2015, I assisted a class of 11-14 year-old boys. The class was a highlight of each week. Together we cracked jokes, ate good food, and talked about the ins and outs of sexuality. WiseBodies is a place like no other, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.


William Collins

I have been attending classes at WiseBodies since I was 8. I love that students at WiseBodies are listened to and respected, and class often feels more like a conversation than a class. In addition to being an assistant teacher, I am also a junior counselor at Powell House.

mae_denner-kenny .jpeg

Mae Denner-Kenny

Growing up on an organic vegetable farm, I have always had an understanding of myself in connection with nature and the earth. What magnetized me to WiseBodies was a method of teaching that understands our bodies and our sexuality as naturally occurring elements of who we are and the earth we live in. In an era where positive, accurate, and nurturing sex education is hard to come by, I feel entirely lucky to be part of the work WiseBodies does.

In the 2015-16 school year I taught a class of 11-14 year old WiseBodies students, who amazed me with their ability to learn, ask thoughtful questions, and go about the work of normalizing sexuality with maturity and knowledge.

In WiseBodies, I found a place to ask the questions I really wanted to know, but never felt safe enough to ask. By teaching here I hope to bring that quality of safeness to our expanding communities, so that others can learn about the nature of their bodies and beings in a supportive environment.