CircleBee takes off

CircleBee, WiseBodies new class for Middle School kids and their parents, has had two wonderful weeks.

Kids have arrived to gather in the kitchen, where they've finished preparing our soup, bread, and dessert. Having a full meal after school is new this year at WiseBodies; the change has been wholeheartedly received by families.

Last week the students painted beautiful new name plates to hang on our classroom walls.

We're focussing our 8-week study on the male reproductive/sexual system. The kids, parents, and I are increasing our comfort by playing games, having conversation, reading books, and asking questions on everything related to this topic. This week the students drew, in many different languages, a word specific to the male sexual system. Gorgeous work!

Kids are reporting that they feel very comfy and cozy. They've decided that, on a scale of 1 - 10, they feel about 11's worth of comfortable.
Families are reporting they want to be nowhere else on Tuesday afternoons - this includes the family that drives almost an hour to get here. There's absolutely nowhere else I'd like to be on Tuesday afternoons either.

We're off to a great start.