First KNOW Class!

We had a wonderful evening last night.

For those of you who weren't able to come last night, or who are anxious about walking in the door, I want you to know that this great big group of high school students is extraordinary, and will heartily welcome you.
We have two more weeks to settle into our final group, the group that will meet steadily through mid-June. If you're thinking of joining, this is the moment!
So you know, some KNOW students have worked with their coaches to allow for early release on Mondays, or with their bosses for permission to not work on Mondays...we can help you make these arrangements with your coaches/bosses.
And always, money is not a barrier to attending (Please see attached forms to look at payment options. All students/families are welcome, whether able to pay or not. No questions asked, no work exchange required...most families unable to pay work hard enough.).

The music of Alicia Keys came up last night. Some of us were familiar with her music, some of us were not.
To catch us all up (We'll also return to the word "douche"! In general, when we don't know something, we'll figure out ways
to learn it together.):

Here is Alicia Keys on walls, sexuality, love, justice, equality:

Here is Alicia Keys describing why she no longer wears make-up:

Nice work, KNOW students!
I have a feeling we're going to create a remarkable year.