CircleBee Students Delight.

The past seven weeks have found CircleBee class in the kitchen, in the woods, at the local Rite Aide, and in our much-loved Pillow Room.

We have focussed entirely on the male reproductive and sexual system, and have had a bunch of fun with our studies.

Not only have we had fun, so have the parents, the Rite Aide workers, and the strangers we've met in the forest. CircleBee kids are making a name for themselves all around town.

CircleBee kids can name all parts of the external male system. They not only can name parts, but know how to construct them, and with the correct proportions.

They know their way around our local drugstore, know how to engage with staff, and how to ask questions critical to making the best purchases.

CircleBee students also can tell you exact measurements for certain, very long body parts. Ask a CircleBee what human body part is about 975 feet, and they'll not only be able to tell you, but they'll also be able to show you how far out into deep woods this is.

In addition to our cool studies, we also have eaten 7 different varieties of homemade soup, lots of cornbread and biscuits, and enjoyed ginger tea and chocolate birthday cake.

CircleBee kids get to come to WiseBodies twice this week, since tomorrow is our movie night. The kids thought about films that might meet the requirement of having at least one positive romantic scene. They came up with a list of 6 films. We watched trailers for each film, and voted on which one to watch.
Any guesses?

You can find us tomorrow evening, cozied up in the Pillow Room, popcorn and tea at hand, watching Pirates of the Carribean 3, with pauses for discussion about relational issues that arise. Parents will join us for the last hour of the film.