WiseBodies Powers Forward, Post-Election, Post-Aggression.

WiseBodies has lots of exciting news. In response to our country's election's display of overt racism and misogyny, WiseBodies is moving forward, loud and proud. WiseBodies is opening our doors to more children, students, parents, and adults. We are broadening our teaching range in all possible avenues. With the help of our beloved neighbors, friends, and families, WiseBodies is continuing to openly display our powerful support for all communities.

Here are some cool details:

WiseBodies has begun teaching in Hudson. Joining hands with Kite's Nest and the Staley B Keith Social Justice Center, WiseBodies now is teaching an afternoon class that meets every-other Thursday in the warm and welcoming rooms of Kite's Nest's Space 101. This class is free to Hudson's high school students.
Our first night was filled with brilliant energy. We're looking forward to creating a long-term, focussed learning environment in Hudson. Hudson! Thank you for the very warm welcome.

WiseBodies also has begun teaching classes for parents. Our first class was so fun, and obviously so needed (!), we're about to launch a permanent, on-going class for parents of WiseBodies students. Watch for this! Parents, know this: WiseBodies makes it really fun to learn the stuff we've never previously had the chance to learn. We're going to look for 100% attendance.

WiseBodies is looking even further south, toward opening class in Brooklyn. Let's imagine into a Brooklyn branch of WiseBodies, taught by WiseBodies graduates.

As many of us know, the precious and sacred WiseBodies learning space has been several times violated by negative aggression. In respose to this assertion of violence, the wonderful WiseBodies community has acted with immediate, full-on presence.

WiseBodies community members have come forward with their motorcycles, cars, and trucks to monitor activity at our program; we've had parents stop in to check on our teachers, offering hugs and laughs; we have one very special farming family holding a bedroom ready for WiseBodies teachers and family members; we've had calls from the State Police, the local police department, and the Sherrif's office checking in on us; we've had a parent buy high-end security cameras now installed on WiseBodies property; we've even had a very large box of fresh veggies dropped off on our front porch.

And this: two WiseBodies families have bought almost two dozen Gay Pride flags, and are intiating a community-support action, an action in which homes in the large WiseBodies community will be able to hang Gay Pride flags from their own windows and doors, in support of WiseBodies programs! This is the kind of community-supportive brilliance WiseBodies loves! Let us know if you would like to join this community initiative and hang a Gay Pride flag; we have flags ready for you!

For all these gestures of support, large and small, we at WiseBodies are enormously grateful. The work of bringing healthy and whole sexuality education to all truly is community work. WiseBodies sure has the right community to bring this necessary work to fruition.

Together, and only together, we've got this.

With love.