Hudson Pride Parade

KNOW students were brilliant on Saturday, June 27th, when they built, then escorted, our first WiseBodies float down Warren Street to celebrate Hudson Pride.

Previous to the Parade, the students had spent hours shopping the Salvation Army for costumes, searching out local stores for festive float materials, and preparing 6 hours of perfect Pride soundscore.

Mateo Coffey-Loring and Mary Patierno joined us as our film and photography crew. Maija Reed joined us as long-time WiseBody community support. We saw - and heard! - WiseBodies parents and children along the Parade route.

While WiseBodies students and I have joined in Hudson's Black Lives Matter marches, this was our first year joining a community event as WiseBodies school. We look forward to seeing what kind of positive impact we can have in our local communities in the coming months and years.

After all, sexuality education is all about clear communication, creating positive change, learning how to use power toward goodness, and working together.

Nice job, KNOW students!