Herbal Medicine

Science and The Body kids continued work on their Herbal Medicine Boxes.

Last week, when I was away, experienced and fun teacher Jaime Cooper took the lead with the class, helping the girls and boys complete construction of their medicine kits, adding their first bag of medicinal herbs. Bags of nettle leaf were labeled with the plant name in two languages: English and Botanical (sometimes called Latin!).

This week Science and The Body kids learned about two more medicinal herbs: Oats and Peppermint. The children filled out index cards for Nettle Leaf, Milky Oat Tops, and Peppermint leaf. They included each plant's name in English and Botanical language, and a sentence or two about what each plant offers.

Also, we cut large squares of cheescloth, filled them with rolled oats and pinches of dried lavender flower and peppermint leaf. The children tied up the bags and placed them in labeled ziplock bags for use when needed for a healing bath.

We pondered why it is that we can have a very jolly time together, and at the same time do detailed, strong work. More pondering on this question still to come.