What a week! Science kids led the way.

WiseBodies was filled this week with children, parents, and visitors. We were a flood of movement, quiet, depth, laughter, games, and plenty of learning.

Science and The Body children now are able to describe - and paint! - all parts of a lily's stamen. If asked, they'll let you know Lily flowers are in the same family as garlic, onions, tulips, and daffodils. They'll also let you know the plant family lilies belong to is the Liliaceae...and they can spell that for you!

Science kids are working on understanding that social interactions that have gone awry can be re-attempted, re-configured, and re-done.

They also are working on figuring out what it takes to allow their circle to grow and change. We're paying attention to the kind of heart-focus that's neeeded to offer what they love - their circle! - to newcomers.

Good work, Science children!