Circle Girls + be boys = Circle bees

Circle Girls and be boys join forces the first Wednesday of each month, forming the newly-named "Circle bees"! Thanks to Ma1, also called Teachie Mae, we now have a logo for our joint class.

Yesterday, our second joint class, was filled with excitement, some positive anxiety, and plenty of good energy.

We worked hard, from lighting our candle at the beginning of class, to blowing it out at the end.

Between the lighting and the blowing out, we realized that, with a month since our last class, we'd managed to remember each other's names; no small feat for such a large group!

We answered a "Gathering Question", served each other yummy food, sang Happy Birthday to 4 birthday celebrants, and tried on a few group-bonding games.

Circle bee kids realized it's fine to have a group game not work out; that we can talk about this, change focus, and try on a different game. These kinds of discussions are important to us; we get to take the the discussion outside WiseBodies to larger world experiences.

Parents joined us - we made a Huge Circle, entirely filling the room! - and we all worked together to come up with long lists of characteristics considered stereotypically "male" and "female". We talked about which stereotypes are negative. We talked about how most of the stereotypes we came up with fall under heterosexual norms. We thought about how stereotypes for Gay/Lesbian/Transgender/Bisexual norms might look different. We'll return to this conversation.

We finished our very full, exciting class by reviewing all we'd accomplished, and by looking forward to next month.

Fabulous work, Circle bees!