be boys, a joyful bunch

be boys practiced generosity by making a get-well card for a missing mate, then taking this and a bag of our popcorn up the street to hand-deliver to their friend's bedside.

the be's are preparing for a major game of Jeopardy, so are busily playing games to learn facts about the creatures they've been studying. If asked, be boys can tell you answers to the following: *which creature is lead by one female, who births all male progeny, progeny which can transform to female when a new leader is needed? *which creatures add spermataphores to each other's backs? *which creatures lay their eggs only on the full moon?

They've memorized this, and plenty more!

In addition, be boys worked with maintaining focus on their learning while also filling their classroom with good humor - their natural emotional stance. They did a beautiful job; teachers and students had a joyful time together, and learned plenty.

Great class, be boys!