Science and The Body children worked and played hard today, both inside and out.

The children chose to focus on Place for their haiku, coming up with lines that creatively changed words with 3 syllables to 1. Smart re-construction.

We ate, then went outside to play a game that required working together, and trusting one-another. The game involved blindfolds and a very long rope!

When we came in, we discovered two ticks had joined us. We got to look at them under our magnifying loupes. How many legs does a tick have?

The children painted another plate for their botanical books on the Lily. They learned that the botanical name for Lily is Liliaceae. They learned that onions and garlic, tulips and daffodils also are members of this botanical family.

We gathered with parents and siblings to talk about Trust, and to describe what we'd explored today.

We finished by sharing our haiku and blowing out our candle.

Great work, Science children and families!