Science Kids Plant, Paint, and Figure It Out

Science children arrived today, filled with joy.

The children acknowledged our growing closeness by starting class with comments like "It feels so warm in here." and "It feels really comfortable today." When asked why they thought it felt like this today, they had many ideas, including that we're getting to know each other better. Yes! We talked about how, 7 weeks ago, none of us knew everyone in our group, and how most of us knew only 1 or 2 others. We talked about how we are consciously and conscientiously building community. We talked about how this takes time and thoughtfulness.

It was the boys' turn to write our haiku. They quickly came up with a 5-7-5 haiku that was funny and well-constructed.

Today's weather drew us outdoors; we spent time in the garden, planting tulip bulbs. We talked about how flower bulbs store energy, how they are able to re-flower for several years, how they require time in the dark and cool in order to re-bloom.

The children continued their botanical plates by painting sepals and petals.

Parents and siblings arrived; we met in the pillow room for a beginning group conversation about stereotypes of "Girl" and "Boy".

The class shared our new haiku; we said it aloud several times, and ended class by singing Happy Birthday to 2 students and 1 parent!

It was a wonderful day, Science Families!