In This Circle Girls, finally together!

With our late start, related to many of our girls being on sport teams, and last week's shared class with the be boys, it's taken us awhile for Circle Girls to arrive. I'm happy to report that, as of today, it felt like we finally have. We've arrived! We were able to recognize this good feeling.

My guess is, had you joined us at the end of class, and seen the girls puppy-piled, snuggled with blankets and pillows, you also would have known we've happily found home with one-another.

The girls and I figured out descriptive words that fit our personalities, that also begin with the first letters of our first names. The girls were on point when they came up with words like luminous, amazing, and compassionate. Since we're working with the concept of Speaking Up and Being LOUD this year, we increased the volume when repeating back the supportive descriptors.

We laughed as we played group-building games, including passing our linked bodies through our hoola-hoop, and un-knotting our clasped arms.

The girls spent time writing in their journals. Each of us drew a page that included all our names and birthdays. Many of us drew our names, together, inside a large heart.
We wrote about how we felt today, being together.

We built a very cozy nest to settle into while we drew on the blueboard. Mothers arrived, and helped us with the work of figuring out what body parts are very comfortable saying aloud.

Much too soon, it was time to hold hands and sing our finishing song.

Gorgeous work, Circle Girls. I'm looking forward to next week!