be boys know their creatures

Ask a be boy about ducks, or blue whales, or female kangaroos, or many other beings, and they'll tell you some very interesting facts.

We've been studying creatures, far and wide, to gain comfort and good humor in the wide-range of reproductive and sexual systems.

be boys also easily can talk about how boys get trained to be "boys", and what can happen when we let down those guidelines.

We've begun studying one of the many book in our library, randomly choosing page numbers to begin conversation. It's a good test of the skill our teaching crew has with handling spontaneous topics! So far, so fine.

Parents joined us at the end of class for a bit of conversation about our wonderful shared class last week, when the be boys joined the In This Circle girls. Shared class suddenly is beloved! We're looking forward to the first week in December, when we'll have our second, shared class!

Excellent, thorough and fun work, be class.