Science Kids Start Botanical Books!

Science girls and boys were so happy when they arrived to class today! They came right into the kitchen, helped set the table, pour each other herbal tea, check in about their week since we last were together.

We lit our candle, then wrote an extra-long, extra-wonderful haiku:

Red leaves falling and swirling, The light spreads so fast. Leaves are so bright and pretty. Little leaves falling quickly. The candle is warm. What a beautiful fall day! Candles burn brightly. Go visit WiseBodies class!

The children already have created a lovely book of 5 haiku!

We gathered to drink our special herbal tea. One boy commented that he finds the tea relaxing. Yes! We'll learn more about the plants in the tea, but calm relaxing is precisely what the herbs in the tea offer.

We ate apple crisp and compared family recipes. One student's family adds cardamom, another oat flakes.


The children were introduced to gorgeous Lily flowers. We looked at paintings and drawings botanical artists have made of flower parts. We agreed we would each make our own botanical books, filled with our own paintings and drawings of flower parts.

Today we focussed on petals and sepals, figuring out how to tell which was which.

Each child picked a petal or sepal to draw, decided how to lay out their page, and began their drawings, including the flower's name and part.

We finished with parents, telling them about our afternoon, reading aloud our haiku, and passing around our circle-pulse.

What a wonderful class, Science girls and boys; thank you!