Science Children!

Science children welcomed their 5th week of class with good spirits and liveliness.

We keep remembering, out loud, that we have just begun meeting one-another, and that we get to focus on that alone for as long as we need.

In some ways, this approach sums up the work we do here at WiseBodies!

The children and I spent more time with our loupes, this time taking a peek into the seeded center of apples. The children noticed all kinds of wonders: 5 points! (Except the cool recognition that one apple had 4 points. We're looking at the possibility that differnce = cool.) Crystalline structure to the flesh! Many 5-pointed structures buried deep within the apple's flesh!

We discussed the fact that the entire apple grew from an apple flower.

We talked about creatures that might have pollinated our apples: honeybees? moths?

We wondered what pollen is.

I suggested that we might have grown from flowers! The children laughed. I asked them to ponder it, even though it might be silly. If we had grown from flowers, from what flowers might we have grown?

Our time in the Pillow Room included lots of games that help us get to know one-another better, and a special game that helps us work well together.

Parents joined us, and we got to play get-to-know-you-better games, all together.

We had a very joyful day. Nice job, Science Children!