BE Boys and their TA's

Today was pretty special here at BE class: with Isa unable to teach, and with virtually no notice, WiseBodies Teaching Assistants, Mae and Aidan, took over class.

They did a spectacular job.

BE children continued to gain skill in gathering their energies to form a solid group, put double-named animal cards together in order, and learned a whole lot about lizards!

They played a game of Concentration!

The students had a chance to read from our WiseBodies library. They practiced ways to engage in all-inclusive community play.

Parents and siblings joined in at the end, to learn with and from BE students, and to help increase our Whole.

In addition to all the joyful sounds resounding through our little school, I later learned I had been gifted with Get Well notes from students and Assistant Teachers.

Well done, BE students!

Mae and Aidan, you are spectacular teachers. Lucky us, lucky world. Thank you.