BE boys and The Forest

Last Tuesday was the kind of day all beings needed to be outdoors. And so BE boys, teaching assisitants, and I took apple crisp, popcorn, water, cups, dishes, a tablecloth and made our way to the forest.

We left a sign on the door, to let parents know where we were.

We left a popcorn trail for parents who might also be hoping for time in the forest.

The kids led, hiking up the steep hill. Their task was to find our "spot" for the year. Up we went, settling into the perfect forest alcove, where we created a comfortable outdoor classroom.

Mae and Aidan led us through our opening exercises and games. We do these every week. The excercises and games help us connect, once again becoming our strong circle.

We ate, fully enjoying eating outdoors.

The kids were given three minutes to run as far from we teachers as possible. Within seconds they were completely disappeared into trees, leaves, the deep ravine, the steep hills.

We called Time!, and back they came, impossibly quickly.

We settled into deep conversation about Ground Rules, what we're learning this year - and why - and how we're doing growing into our circle. We talked about our first joint class with In This Circle, coming up in three weeks. The teachers let the kids know they'll be responsible for leading the first joint be/In This Circle class; this caused great excitement.

We agreed that we're all very, very happy - lucky! - to be together this year.