Botanical Parts!

Today Science and The Body students completed their first trimester! We enjoyed good laughs, popcorn, and applesauce in the kitchen, then sat in a circle in our classroom.

Our task was to, one-at-a-time, go up to the blackboard and tape botanical names on the very large chalk drawing of a flower. We prepared for this by role-playing what might happen if we got up to do this and made a mistake.......?! We imagined how we, as audience members, might make it easy and fun for the person who had make a mistake.

Maybe we could create an easy way to take a chance!

We then completely impressed ourselves by taping botanical names to the large chalk flower. And we did make mistakes! And it was fine! It truly was an impressive display of our knowledge of flowers' botanical parts.

We spent the remainder of our afternoon together crafting felt flowers. Using colorful pipe cleaners, fluffy balls, felt, and nursery wire, we were able to make very personal, beautiful, three-dimensional stigma, style, ovary, ovules, anther, filament, petals and sepals.
The flowers were quite something to behold!, and are a gift
to remind us of our botanical wisdom.

Students now have one week off before beginning our study of the human body.

Parents will join me during our vacation week, for a chance to meet each other, to talk about the trimester just completed, and to have a glance toward the trimester to come.

Many congratulations to all for this fine and fun beginning!