Vocabulary and the forest.

WiseBodies Science and The Body kids took a unanimous vote on whether we should take ourselves out into the 65 degree weather, and on into the woods. Unanimous votes always win. We rolled a big brown tarp, folded a pink blanket, and shared the carrying as we made our way down the block and into the forest. Also along for the ride: our brand-new body book. And a handful of new words we said aloud along the way. We laughed. A lot. When we reached our forest spot, we noticed a ribbon one of us had tied around a limb, weeks ago! We also noticed a space marker, made from twigs and branches, also constructed and left weeks ago. Cool to have places that are known. We settled the tarp and blanket, took off our shoes, got cozy and listened to the first three chapters of our book. We had a good time. We yelled new words aloud, and all together. We learned how possible it is to get comfortable with new words by saying them aloud, together, and repeatedly. It was almost pitch black when we walked home. On the way back we stopped in at a neighbor's house, to practice saying one of our words aloud. When we got home, parents had arrived. We told them about our afternoon in the woods.