Second Trimester

Today Science and The Body children began their second trimester. We'll transition from Botany to the human body, studying the human reproductive system.

It was interesting to notice aloud how calm and focussed we've become. When asked how we had acquired this lovely state of being, Science and The Body students said it was a result of building Friendship, Trust, and Courage.

We talked about what the children believe are good qualities they have that are necessary for living a good life. The children decided that to have a good life it helps to be happy, friendly, nice, awesome, amazing, considerate, creative, artistic, musical, and sensitive.

We talked about qualities their families have that they believe are necessary for a family to live a good life. The children decided that families need to be nice, considerate, have fun together, stay together, take care of their bodies, eat food that's healthy, and help each other.

Following this discussion, the children realized that all these qualities are important to being WHOLE. They thought about how being WHOLE might relate to our study of the human reproductive system. We decided this will be an on-going conversation.

We talked about whether there are dumb questions. We took "Are boys and girls the same?" as an example of a question that might be dumb. On examination, we realized it wasn't so dumb, since it lead to an interesting conversation about whether "boy" and "girl" really describes everyone we know. We decided it didn't. We ended with realizing we needed to add "It's Okay To Ask Any Question" to our list of Ground Rules, since it's possible no question is dumb.

We began to explore our new book. In unison, we turned each page, reading aloud the title of each and every chapter. We got louder and more boisterous as we went along. Parents began to join us, adding their voices to ours as we went through our books.

The children figured out a hand gesture we can use to end each class, to celebrate our circle, our work together, and each other. It was a fun ending to a fine afternoon.

Great day, Science and The Body families!