We had a lovely second Wednesday afternoon together.

The girls brought instruments and handwritten sheet music for our group's special song, In This Circle. After a sweet and silent moment of candle-lighting in our classroom, we practiced singing, accompanied by flute and clarinet.

It's remarkable to witness the girls taking leadership of their class.


We gathered around the kitchen table, chatting over lavender/rose/honey tea and popcorn.
We talked about dreams, then began construction of our own dream pillows, made with white linen, red thread, roses and lavender, and our hopes/wishes/special quotes.

Connie joined us, and read aloud to us while we sewed. She read the first two chapters from our first book for this year, The Midwife's Apprentice.

Soon other mothers, and one little sister, filled the kitchen. All of us sewed while Connie read. It was a very cozy afternoon.

We filled our bellies with warm apple crisp.

Gathering again in a circle on the rug in our classroom, we were a full circle of girls, mothers, and sisters.

Our candle re-lit, we reflected on our time together. We finished with our song, led by the girls playing flute and clarinet.

It's hard to leave such a sweet afternoon!, so many of us lingered, enjoying seconds of apple crisp and rose tea. All girls made their way home, library copies of The Midwife's Apprentice tucked in their bags.