Forest Magic

Yesterday was pretty darn dandy. Your children had no trouble finding our special forest spot.
We were surprised to discover our impermanent leaf markers were indeed impermanent. We figured out how to thoughtfully communicate while we explored our very different opinions about where to create our forest shelter!, and discussed how challenging this can be...and what a great skill it is to keep developing. Compromising, we set the skeleton for the shelter, imagining weight, and snow, and spring's racing creek.

Photos by Mateo Coffey-Loring

Back in our special spot, we ate brownies and looked at witch hazel flowers - flowering right next to us! - under our jeweler's loupes. We noticed the flowers had turned male and female parts into ripening seeds. Forest magic.

We talked about next trimester, about moving from flowers to human bodies, and about the book I've selected for us to read together - already on order at the bookstore! We shared enthusiasm for all this newness.

Walking home, we ate buttered popcorn from paper bags.

We held our closing circle outdoors on the front porch, parents' hands entwined.