It’s fine to let your daughter/son know you’re feeling awkward about bringing up the topic of sex education classes. Try keeping the conversation simple, direct, and straightforward.  Having a few short conversations can be good.  Also, remembering to stay in the parent role can be helpful; sometimes our own anxiety temporarily can blind us to this fact!

You might like to share this website with your daughter/son, giving her/him time to read and digest the information, the welcoming tone, the open invitation for families to join WiseBodies classes.  Let your child know there is a page, under Testimonials, in which kids describe why they like coming to class.


My high school students have the best answers to this question. They recommend doing this:

  1. Don’t ask us if we want to take this class!
  2. Tell us we have to go to 3 classes.
  3. Expect us to be angry about this, especially if we’re used to being treated as adult decision-makers.
  4. Expect us go to the first class and say we don’t want to go back.
  5. Expect us to do the same after the second class. Maybe.
  6. By the third class we’re fine, and are wanting to go back.

This advice seems just right.


While I’m not familiar with the sex ed curriculum for all schools, I have taught sex education in public and private schools in Columbia and Dutchess counties, in Brooklyn, and in Manhattan.

WiseBodies differs in many ways. For example, at WiseBodies:

  • We enjoy student-led learning.
  • We enjoy whole-being learning.
  • Parents learn/teach/explore alongside our children.
  • All doors to areas of interest for children and parents are open for examination.
  • Learning is open-hearted, thoughtful, and fun.
  • We maintain a high comfort level.


Girls made this request! They like having space that is specifically for girl-lead learning. If boys also would like to make this request, their request will be honored.


Many adults have not had the chance to learn about sexuality in a healthy and whole way. Here is our chance!  My hope is that this will increase our knowledge base, encourage easier communication with our children, and teach us that there truly is nothing to fear.


Sure. Parents who are able to join take on the parent role, not just for their children, but for all children in the class. This gives all children the chance to learn skills for comfortable communication with adults. 


If you're able to attend class, you'll learn with us. Also, I send out regular emails to families, keeping us all informed about what we're learning in class.


At WiseBodies, we develop a community of learners and educators. For this to be successful, students need to come to class each week! Our learning is all about fullness and openness. While closed doors may exist elsewhere, they don't exist here.


If you're able to come to class, do. You'll gain skills in forming conversation with your children. Take a look at the books on our shelves. Bring some home. Read them, recommend them to your children, use them to formulate remarks, questions, and thoughtful dialogue.


Yes, many.  We have a developing library in our classroom, with books available for families to check out.  I encourage you to take a look at books before making purchases. Soon there will be book recommendations here on the website, with students offering book reviews.  


You are not alone. Talk with me; we'll find a solution.


Yes, most likely beginning in the fall of 2015. This class will focus on movement, the bones, and bugs.