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New England Women's Herbal Conference

Isa Coffey Radical queer sexuality educator and herbalist, founder of WiseBodies/Real Sex Education, Isa is devoted to opening heart and soul to deep and on-going exploration and understanding of the sexual body as part of the natural world, to learning slowly, and to insisting we - all of us - have a place to grow and learn together. Let’s heal the world through becoming ourselves whole.

Workshops: Taking Off The Drapes. Our Culture has Developed a Gynecologic Practice Born from Racism, Enslavement, and Misogyny. Herbalists, Let’s Change This. Imagine walking into a practitioner’s room and claiming our right to be charge of our sexual bodies. Imagine describing our sexual body to our practitioner, holding our mirror and inserting our speculum, looking at our body first, then inviting our practitioner to join in the holy experience of looking at and talking about our sexual bodies. Let’s reclaim power and agency in our practitioners’ offices. And, if we’re the practitioners, let’s learn how to let go the role of power, and Give It Back.

How to Find Our Essential Sexual Parts and Be With Them, with Breath and Fingertips Herbalists who treat the sexual system but have never seen the sexual system, come! It’s time to gain this essential knowledge. We’ll look at at least one astonishingly beautiful vulva, vagina, cervix, and os.

Open to all beings who have sexual parts, including trans, non-binary, and cis parts, including those who have been cut and sewn, torn, harmed, and healed. Bring your whole entire selves to this deep learning.

Slowing It Down. Learning Our Sexual Selves, Over Time, as is Meant Herbalists, let’s talk about, breathe into, and sense into, our sexual bodies. We’ll have a much deeper understanding of how the clitoris and the penis have emerged from oneness; how the pelvis holds and nourishes our sexual selves; how our sexual parts, in all their astonishing variety, have messages we need to hear. Bring your queer/butch/fem/non-gender/trans/cis/BIPOC/white bodies to the circle; we need all voices present.

Circle within the Class: Teen Sexual Bodies and Beings (Teens Only) Teens who are trans, cis, and non-binary; queer and straight; all colors and cultures; all body shapes and sizes, join me to create safe space for talking about sex, discover how similar the clitoris and penis are from modeling them with play-doh, talk about masturbation (The best source for self-knowing.), and make a skit for the Talent Show. I’ll bring almonds and chocolate, you bring you and a friend.