*This wonderful class is on hold for the 2017 - 2018 WiseBodies school year.  check back for Fall 2018!


6th – 8th graders AND THEIR PARENTS.
TUESDAYS, 3:30–5:30PM, in 3 8-week sessions.

Session 1: SEPTEMBER 20th - November 8th.

Session 2: November 29th - January 24th.

Session 3: March 7th - May 2nd, with break 4/18.

Tuition is $165 PER session, with payment options available. FULL and Part SCHOLARSHIPS for FAMILIES WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS OFFERING.

CircleBee kids explore who and how they are in their inner lives, in their families, at school, and in the world; practice grounded communication; play games supporting unity and individuality; learn about the whole and healthy body; study the anatomy of the female and male sexual/reproductive systems; prepare food with and for each other; reveal the best of who they are; learn skills for bringing parents into communication about sex and the sexual body; enjoy social gatherings including film nights, field trips, and participation in the Pride Parade.

Every week we sit in a circle in the classroom where we talk, laugh, and play games. Isa, our teacher, creates a very comfortable environment, both physically and socially, where we all feel open to talk about our changing bodies and issues around sex and sexuality. ...I think everybody should be able to participate in this kind of class...
— Cailen, age 13