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KNOW, for High School Students

KNOW, for High School Students

For 9th - 12th Grade Students, with a strong invitation for LGBTQ and non-binary youth. Mondays, 5:30 - 7:30 pm, beginning September 23, 2019. We’ll meet on a 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule, through the end of April, 2020. This unusual schedule allows us to rest, digest, dream, and look forward to returning.

The class costs $30 each week, with a $120 materials fee for the year due at first class. Families make a commitment to the year.

Note: I understand it can be hard for students to step into this class, and encourage parents to suggest their teens try this class out for 3 sessions. I’ve yet to meet a student that hasn’t wanted to continue after the 3rd class.

This class focuses on developing skills for being whole within oneself and within community. Students lead our learning. Each week we learn through conversation over our shared meals. Together we focus on topics related to living whole and strong in our private and social worlds, including plant medicine, bodies alone and with another/others, consensual and non-consensual relationships, everything about whole sexuality, how to listen to one’s inner voice, the importance of rest, how our bodies let us know what’s true and not true, how to think about the choices we make, safe sources for continued learning outside class, communicating with peers and parents, the complex world of social media, and all other topics of interest to the students. The conversation around our table always is warm and filled with laughter, is steady and safe, inclusive, and welcoming. Students build strong friendships with their classmates.